Your Very Own Wikipage

Each of you should be listed below, and clicking on your name leads you to your own wikipage.
For some of you, editing a wikipage is old hat. Others among you may have never done this before— and here is your chance to learn.
(a note of reassurance— you can always email me your assignments, but that gets a lot more complicated as the course progresses. Besides, editing a wikipage is fun. All of the cool kids are doing it!)

Personal pages

Akosua Adu-Gyamfi

Tarja De Soysa

Meagan Jones

Yisi Lu

Ivy Mead

Benjamin Pote

Eileen Wangai

Sofia Annis

Gabriela Kubik

Truc Nguyen

Wei Xin

Elizabeth Arris

Tatyana Gut

Bei Li

Ilene Magpiong

Gladys Palaguachi

Quinn Tompkins

Lucy Ye

Dominique Barbeau

Sonja Harrower

Jian Hua Lin

Anna McDermott

Scarlett Phan-Weston

Danielle Vazquez

Sara Sirois

How to post assignments

1 - By clicking on your name, you'll be taken to your personal page.

2 - Scroll down to the bottom, you'll find an edit button. Click it.

3 - A blank text editor shows up. This is the wiki editor buffer.

4 - You can simply copy and paste your WORD document into this space.

5 - If you just copy and paste, the text shows up plain and simple on the wiki. Try the preview button to see what happens.

6 - You can use a multitude of tricks to make your text look better, or to simply increase the navigability of your page. These tricks are introduced at Wiki Syntax. Pretty much everything you need to know about how to write up wikis can be learned from the syntax page.

7 - I would make good use of Headings and the Table of Contents feature. For instance, start your page like this

To make a heading start a line with a "+". Make as many + as the heading level you want to get. Write it like this in your wiki editor, or simply copy and paste from here:

+ Lab 1
++ Q1
++ Q2
++ Q3
++ Exercise 1
++ Exercise 2
++ Exercise 3
+ Lab 2
++ Q1

Hit preview to see what you get. Now you can hit "enter" between them and paste the text that corresponds to that answer.

8 - Now if you want to include a Table of Contents, which will make it easier for me, go to the top of the wiki editor buffer, and type in:


Hit preview and see if that worked.

That is pretty much all you need to know for editing your assignments. Of course, you're welcome to explore many other tricks to make your page better. Please, at least for now, limit your wiki experiments to your own personal page :)